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Radiohead - KID A MNESIA (3LP)

Radiohead - KID A MNESIA (3LP)

SKU: 0191404116616

Experience the innovative and boundary-pushing sounds of Radiohead's "Kid A Mnesia" on vinyl! This extraordinary collection, released in 2021, combines the iconic albums "Kid A" and "Amnesiac," showcasing Radiohead's musical evolution and artistic brilliance. From the experimental electronica of "Idioteque" to the ethereal beauty of "Pyramid Song" and the haunting introspection of "How to Disappear Completely," "Kid A Mnesia" takes you on a mesmerizing sonic journey. With its vinyl release, this edition allows you to immerse yourself in the intricate layers, lush arrangements, and Thom Yorke's mesmerizing vocals. Discover the timeless genius of Radiohead as you delve into the sonic landscapes of "Kid A Mnesia" on vinyl, a must-have for any fan of innovative and thought-provoking music.


Title : KID A MNESIA (3LP)
Format : LP
Release Date : 05 Nov 2021

SKU : 1257078
Barcode : 0191404116616
Catalogue Number : XL1166LP

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