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New Year, New Us!

Thank you so much to everyone who has dropped in to check us out and support us over the last 12 months. December finished out our first full year in business with our brick and mortar shop and with that we’ve learned a LOT! With learning comes adjustments and tweaks to keep things running smoothly and we wanted to share some of those with you now.

  1. First and foremost, used records are our main focus, our best seller, what sets us apart, and will be our top priority. Buying collections and searching out the best used stuff to refresh and give a new life to will take precedence over new stock. Used are also our best profit margin which allows us to pay a little bit more for them, so if you know anyone looking to sell, or have some to trade in, we’ll always be your best bet!

  2. Going forward, new records and new releases will be by pre-order only. We'll not be ordering in new releases automatically, but will put out notices to get your pre-orders in if there’s a big release coming out, and you can message us or drop by any time if there’s something you’d like us to order in. We’ll have one to two shipments of new vinyl per month depending on the amount being ordered and will let you know when your request is made when the next one will be.

  3. Third, our hours will be adjusted! We know it’s important to have a weeknight where people can get here after work, so Friday’s we’ll still remain open until 6pm. The other adjustments are as follows to allow us more time to look at and acquire new used collections:

  4. Mon-Thurs: Noon to 5pm

  5. Friday: 11 to 6pm

  6. Saturday: 10am to 5pm

  7. Saving the best for last, we’ve decided to grow the East Coast Records family in a more official capacity. By now many of you have met Kevin who’s been helping out at the shop and has taken on Mondays and Tuesdays to allow us to expand our hours. We’re excited to announce that as of January 1st we’ve made him an official partner in the company. This means you’ll be seeing a lot more of him around the shop helping us to grow even faster throughout 2023.

We have some more exciting things in the works that we look forward to sharing with you at a later date. For now, we want to thank everyone again who’s followed us online, supported us in-store or via our website, and those of you who continue to spread the word and show us so much love! It’s hard for any business to make it through their first year, but here we are!

Brendan Owner - East Coast Records

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